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Thursday, July 12, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows

I bought one Bronzed Taupe when they first came out and really liked it.  Great staying power, and I loved the color.  I'm not sure why I waited so long to buy more....but when I saw this new collection of colors (I'm assuming for the fall), I grabbed two at my local Rite Aid with a buy one get half off one deal.  The two I picked up are Smoldering Plum and Bottomless Java.  These shadows are a cross between a pressed and a loose version.  I'm not sure what they are even advertised as, because they come with these little "stoppers" which you have to keep on them to keep them "packed".  I'm not thrilled with the Smoldering Plum, I expected it to be a tiny bit little lighter, it's very dark and kind of hard to tell it's purple once it's on, so you have to use that one sparingly.  I usually just add a little to the crease and use it to line my bottom lashes.  The Bronzed Taupe is beautiful, and goes well with my eyes, which are blue-grey.  The Bottomless Java is also a nice color, a brown with flecks of gold.  They are all pretty, but frankly look better in the container.  Once you blend them on the eyes, they look like a lot of other products I already have.  I always use a lid primer, so I don't know if they crease or not, but they do stay all day and look fairly fresh when I remove my make up (a full day is 630-1030).  I would like to try one of the lighter shades to see how they are.  They run about $8 and you can purchase at any drug store or dept store.  (Taking pics of these was not fun.....couldn't get the true color very well, I tried with and without flash.  I posted the ones as close as I could get).
Smoldering Plum, 556, w/flash

Bottomless Java, 800, w/flash

Bronzed Taupe, 890, w/o flash

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