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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My True Love

I found it..........the one....  After years of searching for my true love, I found it.  I tried so many, giving them the benefit of the doubt because I thought they were the one for me, the one I was looking for.  I discarded them, one by one, thinking my attempts were futile and just wanting to throw in the towel.  But I found it!!!'s a lipstick (come on, you're surprised??).  Number 814, Forever Frappe by L'Oreal (Infallible).  I believe it was around $8, and I'm sure you can find it anywhere lipsticks are sold (I believe I got it at Walgreens).  It's the perfect color for me.....almost the color of my lips, but a shade better.  I'm in love!!!  It's creamy and long lasting and it has my name all over it.  *sigh*'s a wonderful thing isn't it?

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Pretty huh?

Friday, July 22, 2011


For those of you that have never heard of Birchbox....It's a box of "luxury" sized samples that are sent each month, usually 4-5 samples, for $10.  It's an auto delivery type thing, if you decide you don't want it anymore, just log on and cancel......pretty easy!  They send a wide variety of product lines, like Stila, Benefit, Laura Mercier, and Bare Minerals to name a few.  Each month you receive one full size item, which almost always retails for more then $10, along with 3-4 luxe samples, so it's a win win situation!  It's a great way to try a product you might not want to spend money on, either because it's a little pricey or you've never tried the brand before.  I've been a member for about 4 months, and I've received some great things, like a full size Laura Geller blush, a Stila eyeshadow, and a Zoya nail polish.  You also rack up points that you can use to purchase full sizes of the sample products they send and they have helpful tips and tutorials on the website.  I thought I'd share what I received for July so you can see what they have to offer....


Card explaining the products


Redken Shine Brilliance Shine Flash, Nuxe Dry Oil, Zoya polish in Pandora, and Purity cleanser by Philosophy and a fruit and nut bar (can't remember the name of it)

So that's what my box of goodies held for July........I love this because there is always something in there I end of liking, and who doesn't like to get a box of beauty products in the mail?  It's like someone loves you and sends you a present each month........and I love presents!  Get your Birchbox here........... Birchbox

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Nails Runway Collection

I was watching HSN a couple of weeks ago and saw this collection.....sometimes I like to watch make up and nail stuff on home shopping channels because it relaxes me.  I also watch when they sell pillows, because when they fluff them up over and over and rub on the pillows, it makes me really relaxed.  Yes, we've established already that I'm weird :-P.  Anyway..........when they were talking about this collection of nail polishes and nail products, it peaked my interest because they said the consistency on the nails was kind of "spongy" or like "jello".  I had heard about this new consistency of nail polishes but didn't know where I could get them.  I also thought the model's nails looked really nice so I got my phone out, (because yes, I was too lazy to walk the 10 feet to my computer) got on my handy dandy HSN app and ordered it.  The easy pay option always sucks me in.  It was $44.50 which is a little steep (although for 6 bottles and a nice case, not unreasonable).  BUT when you see $22.50 for 2 easy pays........I mean come on, how can you pass that up????  I was home sick this past Monday and what a co-inkidink, it came Monday.  My daughter came over that night and we gave ourselves a Deborah Lippmann manicure.  We used all 6 products.  Which is alot for me.  I usually slap on a couple of coats of polish and a top coat and I'm done.  After doing the cuticle removing, cuticle oiling, primer, polish and top coat, we both sat back and admired our handiwork.  And we were both impressed.  The color I used (Supermodel) is a very vibrant shade of red in the bottle, but sheer at the same time.  Lara's Theme is definitely more orangey.  It's hard to explain the consistency.  It's full coverage, but sheer at the same time.  With one coat it is kind of like that plastic wrap they came out with to wrap up your know, the hot pink, and green ones?  But if you were to wrap the food a few times, that's what it would look like.  No idea what I'm talking about??  Well I suggest you just buy it because I'm pretty sure you would love it.  Each product does exactly what it says it will do.  My cuticles came off with hardly any elbow grease, and the polish applied like a dream.  Usually sheerer polishes are streaky.........even with one coat there was not a streak in sight.  I used two coats so the color wasn't quite as red as in the bottle, but still very pretty.  And really shiny, even without the top coat (which I used anyway, I mean, let's go all the way right?).  I really enjoy the bag too, it's got 4 zippered plastic pockets (which when rolled up, you get the handy dandy carrying case).  This is where I got mine... "HSN Website but unfortunately they are sold out.  I tried to google and find it some place else, but no luck.  On the website however they do have other kits, and lots of other colors (even more then the actual Deborah Lippmann website which is sold out of several shades) so I'm sure you could find another color you liked.  They are a little more pricey at $18, but I'm telling you, if you like nail polish, it's worth it.  I have Essie, OPI, China Glaze, Revlon, etc polishes in my collection and these put them to shame.  At least IMO.  If you don't want to spend the money yourself, you could always ask for them as a birthday or Christmas gift :-).  Oh and one more thing.  The pictures of my nails below are after 4 days of typing, showering, and washing dishes.  And not a chip in sight.  NICE!
Bag rolled up

Cuticle Remover, Cuticle Oil, 2 Second Nail Primer
Supermodel, Lara's Theme, and Hard Rock

Two coats (with flash)
I realize I need to work on the picture quality and background.  My lighting is terrible....maybe I should take them outside?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's in my make-up bag?

I like to read blogs about what people keep in their purses or make up bags (yes, I said people, lots of guys carry purses too), or watch youtube videos where they show you.....I like to see if there is anyone else that keeps a book in their purse (in case I get stuck somewhere) or a bag of peanuts (in case I get stuck somewhere and get hungry), etc.  Rather then show you the mess that is my purse, I'll show you what I keep in my make up bag.  I just pulled it out, no cleaning it out first, so this is a true depiction of what is usually in there. 

First my make up bag.........It's from a company called Thirtyone, they sell purses, make up bags, lunch bags, and other items.  They are mostly made of cloth, and have designs on them, and as you can see, you can get them monogrammed.  This is not usually my style (I hate that Vera Bradley junk) but I love the make up bags because they are padded.  And as you all know, I gotta protect my lip glosses!

Next up, the contents:

Top row, Revlon Colorburst lipstick in "Rosy Nude", L'Oreal Endless lipstick in "In the Buff" (which I believe is discontinued), Mac lipstick in "Syrup", Mac lipstick in "Viva Glam V" and Essence Stay with Me Longlasting lipgloss in "I Like Cotton Candy"   Second Row,  Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm (no color name but it's a bright pink), Soft Corp Soft Kiss lip balm and DuWop Lip Venom.  Bottom row:  Clean "Simply Soap" roll on perfume, Mac Blot Powder, and Neutrogena Shine Control Blotting Sheets.

I'm actually surprised that is all that's in there.....although I did clean it out a few days ago when I switched purses, I probably had 10 more lip products in there, and I also had some chewed up gum in a wrapper...a receipt from Ulta.......and an M&M.   Oh, and I recently found out you can apply a thin film of Milk of Magnesia on your face before you apply your foundation and that helps keep the oil away.....I'm gonna try it, maybe I can reduce the amount of blotting papers I use each day.  Plus...... if I eat something that upsets my tummy, I got it covered ;-).  Now..........what do you keep in your bag???

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