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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My True Love

I found it..........the one....  After years of searching for my true love, I found it.  I tried so many, giving them the benefit of the doubt because I thought they were the one for me, the one I was looking for.  I discarded them, one by one, thinking my attempts were futile and just wanting to throw in the towel.  But I found it!!!'s a lipstick (come on, you're surprised??).  Number 814, Forever Frappe by L'Oreal (Infallible).  I believe it was around $8, and I'm sure you can find it anywhere lipsticks are sold (I believe I got it at Walgreens).  It's the perfect color for me.....almost the color of my lips, but a shade better.  I'm in love!!!  It's creamy and long lasting and it has my name all over it.  *sigh*'s a wonderful thing isn't it?

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Pretty huh?

1 comment:

Beth said...

Very pretty!

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  • Anything with Jason Stathem in it
  • Napoleon Dynamite (no explanation needed)
  • The Strangers (one of the only scary movies that actually "scares me"
  • Julie & Julia (I do my cooking vicariously through this movie lol)
  • Under the Tuscan Sun (for the scenary if nothing else)
  • any "of the Dead" movies, i.e., Diary of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead

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