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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Best Television Series EVER

Yes, I realize not everyone feels this way, and many of my friends think I'm crazy, but I say Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best. show. ever.  Yes....ever.  Seven glorious seasons of Buffyverse by the great Joss Whedon.  With Season 8 continuing in comic book form.  (Season 9 is in the works.)  I remember my first time watching, it was Season 3 (I some how missed the first two seasons).  I watched one episode and was hooked.  Every Tuesday night, my friends and family knew not to call me because my phone went straight to voicemail.  And I've never done that before this show, or since.  I waited impatiently for the next episode, reading all the "spoilers" I could find.  I didn't care if it ruined it for me, I was HUNGRY for more Buffy.  And I have to admit to collecting the trader cards (I even put together a binder with all the making fun of me please.  I had a nice cover page for it, listing the cards I had.)  I even thought about buying some of the action figures, but I didn't want to appear too nerdish (which I know....I failed haha).  The quick wit of Joss combined with the other writers, and the perfect cast portraying a slayer (Buffy), a witch (Willow), a watcher (Giles), and the normal guy (Xander) (and of course we can't leave out Angel, (the brooding vampire with a soul, who got his own spin-off) was a hit, and soon developed a cult following.  Go "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and see how many sites there are.  Literally thousands.  Show overviews, forums, fan fiction, etc.  Soon I was collecting the DVD box sets until I had all 7 seasons.  Which I must say, I have watched probably at least 10 times.  In fact I'm on season 4 again right now, right before little sister Dawn arrives.  We have two wii's so we hooked one up in the bedroom so I can watch Buffy Netflix in there.  And all 7 seasons are available for instant viewing.....yayyyyy.  My favorite seasons are 5 and 6....5 because I love the character Glory (who is a God and kicks major ass while wearing some killer pumps and worrying if her butt is lumpy).  And season 6 because of all the Buffy/Spike sex.  *sigh*.....Spike.  The bleached blonde Billy Idol look alike (who Spike says stold his look) vampire who underwent horrible trials to get his soul restored for Buffy, the love of his life.  (and for those of you who've watched it, don't argue with me, Drucilla was NOT the love of his life......Buffy was.  At least in my book).  So there you explanation of the title........and if you haven't seen it.......I highly recommend giving it a looksee.  Wait until you are snowed in, or rained in, or sick, pop it up on Netflix (or you can watch it online here:  WATCH BUFFY).  Give it a couple of episodes and get to know the characters a little....then come back and thank me :-)

Current Movie Favs

  • Anything with Jason Stathem in it
  • Napoleon Dynamite (no explanation needed)
  • The Strangers (one of the only scary movies that actually "scares me"
  • Julie & Julia (I do my cooking vicariously through this movie lol)
  • Under the Tuscan Sun (for the scenary if nothing else)
  • any "of the Dead" movies, i.e., Diary of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead