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Thursday, February 2, 2012

L'Oreal "Balm"

With the huge demand for the Revlon Lip Butters, I figured it wouldn't be long before other cosmetic lines joined the lip butter/gloss/lipstick/balm bandwagon.  And I have to say L'Oreal is off to a great start with their version called "Balm".  The color selection is much smaller, I believe their are 7 or 8 compared to the 20 Revlon Lip Butters colors.  The packaging on the Balm is very sleek and "elegant" if you can use that word to describe a lip product.  They are square and sleek, with a gold bottom and inside tube.  The cover is a transparent version of the actual product, and you can see it on the top through the cover.  I've heard some people complain that it should be totally clear so you can see the product, but I don't agree, I think they look really "upscale" this way, and you can see the product through it enough to get the gist of what the color is.  I purchased Tender Mauve first, then went back and got Nourishing Nude and Pink Satin.  I plan on getting at least two more, Plush Plum and Caramel Comfort.  These are advertised as a tinted SPF 15 balm, and claims to keep your lips conditioned for up to 2.5 hrs after removing it.  I haven't timed it myself, but they do make my lips feel good, especially considering we are in the middle of winter.  They do not have a taste or scent to them, and you can put them on without a mirror, which is a plus for the busy gal that needs a swipe of color as she's heading out the door.  The color and conditioning feeling stays on for a while (as long as you aren't eating, drinking, etc).  They cost approx $8, though I've seen them for less then $7 at my local department stores (Meijer, Target, Walmart).  I recommend these, and I know they will especially come in handy in the summer when I'm looking for more of a minimalist feel to my make up.

Tender Mauve, 518

Nourishing Nude, 818

Pink Satin, 118

Tender Mauve, Nourishing Nude, Satin Pink (swatched heavily)

Leave a msg and tell me what your favorite lip products are!

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