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Monday, February 6, 2012

Forever 21 Goodies

My daughter and I went shopping on Saturday to celebrate her birthday.  We hit up Kroger (great makeup selection!), then O'Charleys for lunch, then decided to head down to one of our local malls.  We didn't go in many stores, just Macys and Forever 21 (and of course got some cookies from The Cookie Company).  We checked out one of the new MAC collections, Daphne Guinness, and I wanted to get the cremesheen glass, Japanese was so pretty, a milky pink color.  Unfortunately it was really crowded, and there was a DJ there playing ridiculously loud club music.  I like music, but we had to shout over each other to be heard.  We waited for about 10 mins but the heat of the lights combined with the music was just too much, so we left.  After I checked myself out in regular light, I decided that I didn't really want the lipglass after all.  So off we went to Forever 21.  It was equally hot in there, and if you stare at all the clothes for too long, you could get dizzy lol.  Mostly we checked out the jewelry and makeup and found some really cute things, and one GREAT makeup purchase.  My daughter got a few pairs of earrings, some pretty hair clips and some nail polish.  I got a pair of earrings, some nail polish, a lipgloss, and a makeup palette.  This is where we scored.  It's called the Natural Palette and it very closely resembles the Naked Palette.  The colors are extremely similar except it has less sparkly colors, and more mattes and shimmers.  I swatched it after I paid for mine, so my daughter could see if she wanted it.  Great color payoff.  I wore it today to work and it lasted all day (with UD primer potion).  If I didn't already have the Naked Palette, I wouldn't have bought it after getting this.  And best of all it was $6.80!  Yes, that's right, $6.80!!  What a steal it was!  Made the whole trip worth it.  I had heard their makeup was decent, but didn't realize how much so until I got this.  They also had a Smokey Palette, with darker colors and more black and greys.  There were only about 6 of each and it was a relatively new display, but it's definitely worth the trip if you can snag one.  I checked the website and it's not listed anywhere.  Not sure what that means, but if you can find it, grab it!

Nail polish is in Lavender
I didn't take a  picture of the swatches, but they really are nice, especially for the price!

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