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Sunday, February 12, 2012


While shopping around Ulta the other day, I came across an inexpensive brand of cosmetics called Essence.  I don't think anything there was more than $5.  Since drugstore makeup has come a long way, I thought for the price, why not try them.  I purchased three eyeshadows and three nail polishes.  The eyeshadows are pretty big, .08 oz.  As you can see in the picture, the eyeshadows are quite pigmented.  I have worn the dark brown shade called "Get Ready" with my Naked Palette and it held up as well as the Urban Decay did.  Which was impressive as the price for the shadows is only $2.99!  They have a decent variety of colors, and come in different finishes.  They go on well, though I recommend using an applicator or your finger, not a brush...they just seem to go on better that way.  Some of the colors are a bit bright, and I think the line is geared toward teens but if your looking for some fun, inexpensive makeup to play with, I'd try it!  The nail polish bottles are small, .16 fl oz, but honestly, when was the last time you used an entire bottle of nail polish?  I bought all pastels and the colors are really pretty, and wear well, and the best part is they are .99 each.  In the below pictures, the nails match up with the nail polish (except the pink one) .

Metropolitan (sparkling effect), Get Ready (shimmer effect) and Party all  night (metallic effect)
Polishes are Dress for a Moment (purple), Modern Romance (peach) and You Belong to Me (green)

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