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Monday, April 16, 2012

In the Nude.....

I've been on a quest to find the perfect nude lipstick.  My lips are on the smaller side, and lighter shades make them look bigger.  Or at least not smaller lol.  I've found a bunch of them, they just aren't perfect on me.  I'm quite pale, with pink undertones, so I need a cooler toned nude to compliment my skin.  I also have very pigmented lips, so consequently I can't just swatch a lipstick on my arm and be able to tell how it will look on my lips.  Which is why I have so many nude lipsticks.  I found several that I like, three that I love, and a few that are just icksh.  (That's a cuter word for yucky).  I've swatched them all so you can see what they look like on very white skin, maybe that will help if you are also on the hunt for the perfect nude: 

Essence 52 In the Nude", L'Oreal 814 "Forever Frappe", MAC "Blankety", MAC "Viva Glam II", MAC "Modesty", L'Oreal 800 "Fairest Nude"

MAC "Viva Glam II", MAC "Modesty", L'Oreal 800 "Fairest Nude", Essence 50 "Creamy Nude", Josie Maran "Birthday Suit", Revlon 065 "Rosey Nude", Nars "Belle de Jour"

Sorry about the repeats, it was hard to get them all in one picture.  My favorites for consistency are both Essence lipsticks, they feel really moisturizing on the lips, and hold the color for about 2 hours.  Also MAC Blankety feels really good and has good staying power.  L'Oreal Forever Frappe stays put the longest, followed by Nars Belle de Jour and L'Oreal Fairest Nude.  The one I wear the most is Essence "In the Nude", which is funny because it's the least expensive at about $2.  I believe the most expensive is Nars, which runs about $24 and is the one I like the least.  While it's nice to have a higher end lipstick as a treat, don't count out the lesser expensive ones, most companies have really stepped up their game.  All in all, as we all know.....there is no "Perfect" lipstick....because if there was, we would have to stop buying them.......and we all know "that ain't gonna happen". 

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