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Monday, October 31, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Two word sum these new lip butters up........moisturizingly creamy.  I don't think moisturizingly is a word, but it fits.  These are sooooo nice.   They are like a lip balm, but more creamy, and with color.  I only own two of them (as of now, I plan to purchase many more), I have gumdrop and pink truffle.  These are not in all drug stores yet, in fact I went to Walgreens, CVS and K-Mart before I found them at Rite Aid.  They run about $7.50 and I believe come in 20 different shades.  They are more sheer and softer then a lipstick, but still have pigment.  Not like a lip gloss at all.  Just creamy.  They are exactly what you would imagine a lip butter would be.  They feel great on the lips, and you can get away with just using these (and can put them on without a mirror which is a plus for those of us on the go).  They wear relatively well, but they feel so good, I'm constantly reapplying them anyway.  The packaging is just like the Colorburst lipsticks, but the lid is transparent.  The tubes are slanted (like the Clinique Black Honey for example).  I love these and have heard nothing but good things from other people that own them.  They are perfect for a spring/summer color, but great for moisturizing in fall/winter.  I highly recommend!
Gumdrop, Pink Truffle

Gumdrop, Pink Truffle

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