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Thursday, December 1, 2011

MAC Naked Honey Skin Salve

sorry, a little blurry...
It may not be fair to review this particular product, since you can't purchase it at a MAC counter or on the website. can buy it at CCOs (cosmetic company outlets) that most outlet malls have.  I got mine at the Cincinnati Premium Outlet Mall.  It was $15 and worth every penny.  I went to the mall a couple of months ago, and bought a few things at the CCO, and didn't notice the Naked Honey Skin Salve until I was walking out.  I tested it on my cuticles (which are a dried up raggedy mess) and went home.  On my way, I kept thinking how well it moisturized them, better then any cuticle cream or oil I've tried. time we hit the flea markets, which just happen to be across the street from the mall, I went and got one.  And I have to say it's one of the best beauty purchases I've made!  You got a huge amount, 1.41 oz.  I use it every night on my cuticles (and sometimes during the day when I think of it) and slather some on my lips.  Often during the day, I'll grab this instead of a lipstick or gloss, especially now that the weather has turned frigid cooler.  It is a honey color, the consistency is a bit like Vaseline, but not in a slimy way.  It has a pleasant taste, slightly sweet, although I don't recommend doing a lot of lip licking.  Another nice point for me is, it's in a large enough container with a screw on lid.  Those little tiny pots of cream and lip balms that are flat, (like Nivia, and Burt's Bees) are so hard to open......ok, I just realized I've gone on an awful lot over some lip salve-balm-moisturizer.....but those who know me won't think it's odd at all :-).  Anyway, if you have the chance to grab this it!

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