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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tarte LipSurgence

These were a bit of an impulse buy.  Sephora and Ulta had a set of them (5) for $29.99, but I heard they were sold out.  I was in Ulta a couple of weeks ago, and they had them so I snagged one.  They are a limited edition set (the ones I bought), however you can order them in other colors for $24.00 a piece.  They are actually referred to as "lip treatments", and come in lusters and tints.  The colors in the box set are 3 lusters in Dazzled (pearly coral pink luster), Flashy (bright iridescent fuchsia luster), Glitzy (antique pink luster) and 2 tints in Perky (soft carnation pink tint) and Swank (light cherry tint).  They glide on really smoothly and are fairly shiney, but not a ton of pigment (IMO).  They are not sticky, so that's a plus for those of you who don't like that feeling.  They have a hint of peppermint and contain no parabens, synthetic fragrances or phthalates.  Basically they feel like a lip balm with some color and shine.  A couple of them are a tad on the glittery side.  They don't need sharpening, they twist up from the bottom.   I'm really glad I purchased this set, but I don't think I would buy them separately.  I gave 2 of them to my daughter so I only have 3 to show.
Swank, Perky, Dazzled
Dazzled (bottom), Perky (middle) Swank (top)

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