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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Addiction???

I think I may have a slight lip products.  I have way more than I need but that never seems to stop me from buying more.  It's almost uncontrollable....if I go in a store, my automatic pilot heads for the lip stuff.  Sure, I "pretend" I'm not going to look at them, then casually stroll by like I could care less if they are there, walking by with my head facing straight ahead.  If anyone were to be watching me, they would see my eyes turned so far either to the left or right that it might appear I have no eyes at all.  My hand will reach out to touch one of the magical little cases of color and shimmer, then I draw back as if I've touched something hot.  Maybe I'll even get lucky and I'll find one accidentally knocked on to the floor...and I can pick it up and put it back as if I'm helping out the stockers, while my mind is thinking...."oooh, this would make my lips so much more (softer, shinier, plumper, smoother....whatever).  Sometimes I even go into the store specifically for a lip product.  In which case I head straight to it, almost in a marching like fashion....steely determination on my face, arms swinging trying to propel me faster along.  I see the cosmetic section ahead, and I do believe there is a halo sort of light shining down on my holy grail...and if I listen hard enough, I'm pretty sure I hear faint opera singing....sort of like "ahhhhhhhh" in A minor, or some kind of note like that.  I smile without even knowing it, because I just know I'm going to find something I don't already have and "desperately need".   Sure, some people may think I'm just loony, but honestly, is there anything prettier then a little tube of color you can put on your lips, which instantly lifts your mood???  I think not!  Everyone has a vice if they would admit to it.  My friends and family all know that lip products are mine.  Want to cheer me up?  Don't buy me flowers, buy me a lip balm.  Don't know what to get me for Christmas or my about a lip gloss?  And dear Lord, if you give me a gift certificate to a beauty product still my heart.  My bf got me one for Christmas, and I'm telling you.....I had to take deep breaths and slow my heart rate down before I hyperventilated (and I know what I'm talking about....I did that once, I thought I ate some bad meat....I curled up in a ball and couldn't move, ambulance came and got me and they ended up chuckling and telling me I had hyperventilated....yeah, real funny!), diamonds, expensive presents???  Nope, the way to my heart is to give me one of those magical little containers....ok....and maybe a mushy card :-)


Anonymous said...

Hahah hilarious! And definitely spot on. You are the lip gloss queen! Hmm...well I guess I do know what to get you for your birthday now! lol

Anonymous said...

so glad you put a new post on your blog. I love your knowledge on lip products. you are so funny, thanks for cheering me up during this nasty winter we're having.

Your faithful fan---Dawn

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