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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Essie Polish

I don't have a huge collection of Essie polishes.  Some of them are a little hard to apply without looking streaky on me.  I still buy them here and there.....and some of them I love, (one is my last purchase, I'll add a pic of how it looks on).  I find the darker the color, the better it looks, (meaning less streaky), at least on me.  I seem to stick to the same color families.....either pink or neutral.  I usually apply a ridge filler, and then a primer from Deborah Lippmann, the color, then a topcoat from Seche Vite.  I don't keep up with the collections, I just grab them when I see a color I like, or when they are on sale lol.  You can get them at Target, some CVS's, and Ulta ($7.99)

Island Hopping, St Lucia Lilac, Luscious Lips
Don't have the name of the first one, Sugar Daddy, Lady Like

Mink Muffs, Best Boyfriend, Demure Vixen
Lady Like

1 comment:

Beth said...

Those last 3 are so pretty! I must borrow :)

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